Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Music for Four Hands"

I came home this afternoon and found a box leaning on the front door. I got the 20 copies of "Music for Four Hands" from Yard Dog Press. The officious release date for the chapbook - the date in the book - is Sept. 1, 2011, but I will be selling copies at ArmadilloCon this weekend. That's advance sales I guess. That's one of the reasons I rented tables in the Dealers' Room. In addition to giving me a place to park my portable typewriter I will have copies of "Music" there. Zane Melder with Edge Books will have copies of "Fantastic Texas" and "Texas & Other Planets", but I knew that "Music" would come out so close to the con that the only way to have it there would be if I bring it myself - which I will indeed do.

Since "Fantastic Texas" was published in 2009 and "Texas & Other Planets" in 2010, this means I will have had three books published in three years.

When I came home, it was earlier than usual. A thunderstorm rolled through the city - the first genuine gully-washer in months and months. I haven't rolled up the windows of my car in ages, and I ran out in the rain to do that. I got soaked and chilled, and an hour later began to retch. I went home, took some medicine, and went to bed. I'm feeling better now.

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