Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More from the dealers' room

By the way, I gave away Bic Orange Fine Point pens to anyone who bought a copy of "Music for Four Hands" from me in ArmadilloCon. That way, they would have the pen the book was signed with, and I helped spread the pen - kinda like Johnny Appleseed and apple seeds.

I saw a number of chums in the dealers' room, including Scott and Sandi Cupp. Bruce Sterling had a table down the aisle. It seems he's pretty much living in Turin now, but he was home for a while and had a garage sale; of course, his garbage was more interesting that most people's collectibles.

Adrian Simmons was farther down the block, with his own book publisher. I didn't really get a chance to talk, since he was tied up there, and unfortunately we didn't share any panels.

Joe and Kasey Lansdale were down the block and around the corner, selling Mojo-iana as usual.

My autograph session was Sunday at 2 p.m. and I shared the table with Josh Rountree and Rick Klaw, two very knowledgeable people. It was to have a few people stop by and get their books signed; I've had many times in the past when I sat there without so much as a bill collector stopping by. I know in at least one case I sent someone down to Zane Melder at Edge Books and they also came back with a copy of "Fantastic Texas" for me to sign.

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