Monday, July 11, 2011

More praise for the pen

Over at her blog, "Have Pen Will Write", Rhonda Eudaly has reviewed the Bic fine point pen I gave her at ApolloCon. Here is an excerpt:

"To promote my fiction writing, I work several regional science fiction conventions. During SoonerCon (I believe) in June, I noticed fellow author, Lou Antonelli had a pen I hadn’t seen in probably DECADES. The BIC Biro Fine Point pen with the yellow (or orange – depending on who you ask – like BIC) barrel. I don’t remember WHEN these went off the US market, but they’ve been gone a while. Several of us commented on Lou’s fine point BIC. Like others point out, this is not a sexy pen. But it’s. They’re known for good quality, sturdy, functional pens. This pen is high quality plastic in the standard hexagonal faceted body. But the ballpoint nib is a .07mm or less point. You can even find where they say online that the nib may be .07mm but the ballpoint actually writes narrower – such as Amazon UK’s description of 0.8mm tip 0.2mm line. LOVE THIS. But I’m a “finer is better” point person."

Go over to Rhonda's blog to read the whole review. She gave the pen a rock solid rating of 4 - not bad for a pen not available in the U.S.

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