Thursday, July 07, 2011

Latest story

Back on June 21, in a burst of inspiration, I banged out a 3,000 word fantasy story "Watch What Happens" in two hours. I took that first draft to ApolloCon the following weekend where I read it on Saturday. I got good feedback.

Last week I spent most of my free time double-checking the galley for "Music for Four Hands", the chapbook forthcoming from Yard Dog Press that features four reprint tales by myself and Ed Morris.

I got back to "Watch What Happens" this week, and after a couple of rewrites I finished it tonight and sent it off the Ann Vandermeer at Weird Tales. I enjoyed visiting with her at ApolloCon and in this case I want her to have first crack. I'd love to break into the magazine.

This is the 94th short story I've written. I've had 56 published.

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