Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Notes from ApolloCon Part Three

I should mention that Saturday, while visiting in the hallway with Rhonda Eudaly-Simpson and John DeNardo, the subject of pens came up. Rhonda apparently maintains a web site on the subject of pens. Of course, the discussion turned to the Bic Orange Fine Point. I took about 15 of them with me to Houston, and after we all talked for a while, I reached into my tote sack, pulled out a fistful of the pens, and asked Rhonda "You want one?" She did. She said on Facebook later she plans to review it.

My first panel Sunday was at 11 a.m. so I had a little time to visit with friends. Beforehand I was asked if I minded to have my picture made with a little girl who won the Best in Show title at the masquerade the night before. She was The Book Fairy, and had a magic wand and wings and a sash with a number of book covers on a ribbon. It wasn't until after the photo was taken that dad pointed out "Fantastic Texas" was one of the books on her sash. I felt so honored.

I was rather perplexed at the panel at 11, "Urban Fantasy: Unleash Your Inner Freak". The other panelists were people who could speak to the subject - Garbrielle Faust, Julia Mandala and Stina Leicht, who was the moderator. I said right off the bat I think I was there as a control; I'm the least freakish person I know. But the other panelists were really into the subject and their enthusiasm carried over to the audience.

More visiting afterwards, including with Ann Vandermeer again. In the afternoon, after wandering by the dealers' room, something caught my eye, and I walked in to see Russ Miller from Dallas buying a copy of "Fantastic Texas" from Zane Melder at Edge Books. That was great timing, I signed it for him right there. While we were chatting James "Jazzman" Savage walked up with a copy he had bought earlier, so I also signed his.

The drive back to Mount Pleasant was peaceful and uneventful. A great con, and I think everyone who attended enjoyed it. I will be back next year.

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