Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another positive review

In the course of checking out the positive review SF Site gave to Issue No. 6 of GUD, I found out that SFRevu's Sam Tomaino gave the issue a positive review back in January. This has gotten by me - although it had been noted on the GUD Facebook page (I suppose after the first few bad reviews I had stopped looking).

Here is what Sam said specifically about "Dispatches":

"Lou Antonelli's "Dispatches From the Troubles" is a nicely spun alternate history in which parts of southern Texas and northern Mexico became an American Irish Republic (AIR). First settled by Irish Catholics, it then attracted a lot of Irish Protestants when they were forced to leave Northern Ireland, or live under Irish rule. Many familiar names are part of AIR, including John F. Kennedy. Many of the same problems that plague Northern Ireland, exist in AIR and we get a good story about them."

If you want to check out the entire review of the issue, it's thisaway.

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