Sunday, April 24, 2011


Patricia and I were not able to attend Easter Services today. Friday Patricia didn't have to work, and I went home for lunch. Millie, our yellow labrador, had hopped in her wading pool and came in the house dripping wet. While we were in the kitchen, Patricia slipped on a wet spot in her sandals and fell down, hard, spraining her knee.

We waited for 24 hours to see whether the swelling would subside, which it did. She's been kept the leg up all weekend. Starting Monday she's been assigned to sub every day for four weeks, basically the home stretch of the school year. I suppose we were lucky she had her accident on a Friday so she could recover all weekend.

We watched a local church service on streaming video this morning as a replacement.

Meanwhile tomorrow will mark two weeks that I haven't had my glasses. I went to the optometrist April 11, and apparently we don't have a lab to make lenses in this town, so my prescription was sent away. I've used a pair of prescription sunglasses as a stopgap in the meanwhile.

Last week the doctor's office called and said the lab had broken my old frames. I really didn't trust that they hadn't done that to try to get me to buy frames from them, so I took my prescription and went to the eye store at Walmart. Since this was the first time since we were married that I was getting new frames (I think the old ones went back to 1995, at least), Patricia came along as my fashion consultant. We both agreed on a nice-looking frame, and the new glasses should be back by Wednesday at the latest.

It's good that my eyesight isn't so bad I can't get by without the glasses, especially since I work at a newspaper. I only had one fleeting headache on Friday when I had to sit down and read a 1,600 word story. But I will be relieved when I get the new glasses.

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