Monday, February 28, 2011

"Tell Gilgamesh I'm Sorry"

Finished up the second story in my Rebuild series, "Tell Gilgamesh I'm Sorry" and subbed it today. After final edits and tweaks - wherein it contracted another 200 words - it finished up at just over 5,800 words.

As I mentioned before, the first draft of the third story in this series, "Snow Globe" (original working title "She Melted in My Arms) is done. It was read at ConDFW.

Have to find find time for two other genre-related projects, a book proposal to foist on a publisher I met at ConDFW, and a continuing education class proposal I want to run by the local community college. This is also an outgrowth of ConDFW, from some of the work I did for the panel on "Escape from the Slush Pile".

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