Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fencon invite

I got my invite to be a panelist at this fall's FenCon in the email yesterday. I have accepted and plan to be there. I have attended every FenCon, I believe, and been a panelist at most of them.

FenCon VIII will have a theme of "Southern Steam," and will be held in the same location as last year, the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Addison, the weekend of September 23-25th.

The Guest of Honor this year will be Gail Carriger. Music GoH will be Joe Bethancourt, and Steven H Silver will be the Fan GoH. This year’s Artist GoH will be Vincent Di Fate. Les Johnson will be the Science GoH. Bradley Denton will be Toastmaster and Lou Anders will be a Special Guest for the Writer’s Workshop.

This year FenCon will also host DeepSouthCon 49. This is the first year that DSC has ever been held in Texas.

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