Friday, October 08, 2010

Need to write again

After the hiatus from writing involved in getting "Texas and Other Planets" ready for the publisher, my stack of returned stories began to grow, and I spent most of this week doing that slush pile shuffle. I have 14 stories kicking around in various places, although I must admit in some cases I don't know whether they are still being considered.

I don't mind submitting to small venues, but sometimes these types take so long to reply, and they don't respond to queries, that you just move on and resubmit.

Th worst case was where a few years ago a small mag took TWO YEARS to respond with a rejection, by which time not only had the story been published elsewhere, it was in the Honorable Mention list in the YBSF.

I was caught up by Wednesday, so I thought to get back to the word processor and start something new, but then TCM showed "Forbidden Planet" and well, that didn't happen.

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