Saturday, August 07, 2010

Heady company

Duotrope, the resource web site for writers, apparently has a feature called Editor Interview. They ask editors of various venues their answers to some standard questions. Andromeda Spaceways In-Flight Magazine is the latest subject. One of their editors named Patty Jansen, was recently interviewed, and in response to the question, "If you publish fiction, who are your favorite fiction writers?", replied

"In the case of our jumbled and many-headed publishing cooperative, that's a hard question to answer. Every editor will have their favourites. We like and have published work by Jay Lake, Aliette de Bodard, Brian Stableford, Stephen Dedman, Sean Williams, Tom Holt and Jim Hines. Recent issues have seen stories by Rob Shearman, Anna Tambour, Jason Fischer and Felicity Pulman, as well as original nonfiction by Elizabeth Bear and Eric Frank Russell. We've also published fiction by a surprising number of US magazine editors - Lou Antonelli, Matthew Bey, Matt Kressel and others. And I might as well mention that we've just published a poem by Graeme Garden."

I guess having published Sentinel SF in 2007 qualifies me as an editor, too.

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