Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend recap

I know the main event in genre fiction this weekend was ReaderCon in Massachusetts, but that's a long way from East Texas. I had my own little projects to take care of.

The book signing in Tyler went well. The staff was very nice and attentive. The sales were not the best, but not the worst. Tyler also has a Barnes & Noble, and I got the impression - just from eyeballing the customers in Hastings - that Hastings there gets the people more interested in videos and games, rather than books. But still, profits paid for dinner for me and my wife, so who's to complain?

MythCon in Dallas Sunday went well - I was on two panels. In addition to meeting people I've done panel duty with before, such as Willie Siros, Scott Cupp, and A. Lee Martinez, I got to meet Tom Powers. Both panels were well received by the attendees. and in between them they served us lunch. Book signing again was middling, but it paid for a sack of groceries I picked up on the way home.

The main thing about the weekend was the driving: Tyler is an hour and half from Mount Pleasant. and Dallas is two hours away. I borrowed my wife's car, it has cruise control.

No appearances now until I speak to the New Boston Friends of the Library on August 16.

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