Monday, July 26, 2010


I actually spent most of my free time this past weekend tending to the peach trees that have surprised me by bearing fruit this year, and working on business for the local Optimist Club, which I am heading up for the time being.

I would feel more guilty about not writing spec fic, but I am up to date with the slush pile shuffle and currently have 17 stories out there, ranging from contract-signed and waiting for publication to probably lost and forgotten.

I am recharging the creative batteries following the completion of "The Fontane Sisters are Dead" and already have 3,500 words on the "What if the Civil War started NOW?" AH story, "The Secessionist Shuffle".

Best line so far - AH timeline joke, "but the President is only half black!"

"Then he can have half the country!"

David Duke-type gov of Louisiana has called the secession convention.

On a personal note, I'm glad I have Molly Ivins as a character.

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