Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nice mention

There's been this thing going on all month, called CoyoteCon, the first annual 31-day digital author conference.

There was a panel on May 17 on the subject of Steampunk fiction which included chum Ed Morris, who used my name in vain when the subject of the Weird West came up. Here is a short excerpt from the transcript, with another panelist:

[Sara] 7:30 pm: I am a big sucker for Weird West
[Sara] 7:30 pm: Steampunk Cowboys!
[Edward] 7:31 pm: Lou Antonelli is a #$%^&* good steampunk/weird west writer. Most of his stories are set in TX. Also Joe R. Lansdale’s ZEPPELINS WEST, another classic of the form

Thanks for the cred, Ed.

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