Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More positve reviews

I've gotten two more Amazon reviews for "Fantastic Texas" in the past three days, and they are both equally positive. Here they are:


Thoroughly Enjoyable Reading, May 17, 2010
By Ralph Jackson (East Texas, USA)

As the title of this review says, this book is thoroughly enjoyable. The stories are original, light-hearted and crafty. Having been a science fiction fan for over fifty years, I feel qualified to judge good SF when I find it. The treatment of SF themes (immortality, interdimensional travel, etc.) is stimulating. The stories in this volume remind me of the early days of SF but are by no means dated. Being a fellow transplanted East Texan, I took great delight in reading about things indigenous to Texas like Enchanted Rock and the Marfa lights as background to "Video Killed the Radio Star". Other stories contain bits of Texas lore (how the city of Italy got its name for example). I really enjoyed reading the stories in this book and think any other reader will too.

Fantastic Stories, May 15, 2010
By James K. Burk (Wichita, Kansas United States)

Lou Antonelli reminds me a little of Artie, the character in the Geech comic strip. He doesn't have the nose or the brillo-pad hair, but he's a transplanted easterner whose accent identifies him immediately as a "furriner," but he has embraced Texas unreservedly.
He has not only done a superb job of capturing the local vernacular, he has a style that draws the reader in and a gift for telling terrific stories. This is not a common talent, for he tells real stories, not trivial "slices of life," sermons masquerading as stories, or any of the other substitutes for the real thing. That alone endears him to me.
This is a collection of short stories that can make you think, make you laugh, and often do it on the same page. I will mention that one of the stories needed one more proofing, but Antonelli, a newspaperman of the old school, generally writes marvelously clean prose.
It was hard to pick a favorite story because each story has its own special strengths, from a story featuring a very common dog to a steampunk story of the first Texans in space. Marvelous work.


Both these reviewers gave "Fantastic Texas" four out of five stars, as did the one previous reviewer.

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