Sunday, May 16, 2010

Good day

May 15th is my wedding anniversary, and I always bake a lasagna for the occasion, because that's what I served up the night I proposed to Patricia (this was our 11th anniversary). Yesterday I had to work - earlier in the day getting the Sunday paper out, and then from 4 to 7:30 covering our annual city festival, so I baked the lasagna today.

A couple of friends of ours, Reed and Sharon Vance, came Saturday and stayed overnight. We all once lived in Cedar Hill, but Reed and Sharon now live in North Richland Hills; it was a three-hour drive for them. A teacher friend of Patricia's, Leslie Montgomery, was also able to come for lunch.

I spent all morning cooking a turkey roaster pan of lasagna, as well as a normal casserole dish. Pulled the lasagna out right at noon and we chowed down. It was great as usual, since I make the best lasagna on the planet (no brag, just facts).

Sent some lasagna home with our guests, and then I took a long nap...

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