Saturday, May 22, 2010

Back in the saddle

Got my computer back from the repair shop today, so I'm posting from my own computer. More importantly, I can submit stories on the computer via email. I guess I have about ten that have returned from various slush piles in the past two weeks.

In addition to getting a new network card. I had more memory installed. Old-timer seems to be running fine (I bought this in 2003). My wife has a new laptop. I mostly use this machine for writing.

Hear from the publisher of Young Adult Literature Review, Amber Vilate. The spring issue is out, and my payment and copy is on the way.

Still waiting to see signs of stirring from GUD.

On the personal front, my wife went to Dallas this weekend, her dad - who is 79 - is in the hospital with pneumonia. I had to stay behind to work. Once she reached Dallas, her car brok down. It may be the starter. She can't get the car repaired over the weekend, so she will have to leave the car and take a rental car back to Mount Pleasant.

As I previously mentioned, earlier this week I renewed my membership in the Science Fiction Writers of America. On Wednesday I was nominated as President-Elect of the local Optimist Club.

That's not a common combination of memberships, I would think.

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