Sunday, February 07, 2010

Scribble, scribble

Things went very well at the book signing yesterday at the Hastings book store here in Mount Pleasant. I was at my table from 12:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. and we sold enough books that the store's stock ran out and I had to delve into my wholesale supply that I brought as a backup. I sold one book as I was walking out the door; I had to turn around and sign a book that was on the shelf.

This was the first formal book-signing I have ever had. I knew some of the people who stopped by - to be expected, I guess, in your hometown - but there were many other people I had never seen before in my life.

Patricia was there most of the and helped out a lot. Afterwards we ate out and celebrated.

Next weekend I will be having a signing at 1 ConDFW, and then I will be at the Hastings in Waxahachie from 5-7 p.m. Patricia and I will overnight in Waxahachie and drive back to Dallas Sunday morning.

Zane Melder with Edge Books has stocked "Fantastic Texas", so it will be available in the Dealer's Room.

I wish I could have made AggieCon this weekend, but I just don't feel up to two cons in two weeks. They had invited me as a panelist, but after I had accepted ConDFW. The line-up looks impressive this year, I will try to make it next year.

Got the TOC for the next issue of Abandoned Towers magazine, which will be out March 1. It features my story "Across the Plains".

Here's a little taste of what's you'll miss if you don't get a copy:

Table of Contents

Zap Zachary Returns by Stoney M. Setzer
Gold by Arthur Mackeown
Ray Guns by Doug Hilton
Othan, Debtor by Kurt Magnus
The Horrors of War by Chris Silva
Mindforms by Dal Jeanis
Jeffrey's Story by Guy Belleranti
Final Score by Brad Sinor
Riding to Hounds by Thomas Canfield
Copper-bottom's Downfall by Arthur Mackeown
The Last True Gunslinger by Y.B. Cats
The Empty Chair by Malcolm Laughton
'ware the power by Jack Mulcahy
Call of the Northern Seas by Norman A. Rubin
Hobocop by Kevin Bennett
The Grave of Armond Balosteros by E.W. Bonadio
The Last Saguaro by Doug Hilton
Odds Are by Kevin Brown
Grief, father dead, bathroom adrift with manta rays of green towels by Harry Calhoun
Black Bird by Thom Olausson
Searching for my Dream by John William Rice
Proudly Stupid by Christopher D. York.
Night Walk Demise by Carl Scharwath
Dimuendo's by Thom Olausson
Android Attack coloring pagey by Richard H. Fay
Interview with Poet and author, Alex Ness
The Man-Thing by Eric S Brown
Fantasy Artist Johnney Perkins
Nexus Point Recipes by Jalea Clegg

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