Monday, February 01, 2010

My schedule for ConDFW

The panels have been set for ConDFW (Feb. 12-14). I am happy with my schedule, which runs as follows:

Canterbury, 12pm - Tropes and How to Avoid Them.
Panelists: Bill Fawcett (M), Patrice Sarath, T.M. Hunter, Linda Donahue, Lou Antonelli
Ever groan while reading a story? Does seeing a ghost telling the hero he has a quest make you retch? The ever-present cliché will pop up when you least expect it, and ruin all the dramatic potential your story has. Our experts go over some popular ones…and show you how to avoid them.

Autograph Session (in front of the Dealers’ Room), 1pm – Lee Martindale, Kevin Hosey, Lou Antonelli

Churchill, 11am - Escape from the Slush Pile
Panelists: Chris Roberson (M), Lou Antonelli, Ciara Gold, Michael Finn, Selina Rosen
As the number of hopeful writers increase, the number of submissions increase. Piles upon piles of stories overwhelm every publisher and editor, and they have to make decisions on what makes it…and what is tossed in the slush pile. Our esteemed panelists discuss how to avoid being buried in the pile, and the mistakes to look out for.

Churchill, 1pm - Publishing 201: Publishing Novels
Panelists: Lou Antonelli (M), Ciara Gold, Richard Weber, Selina Rosen, Jack McDevitt
Putting together a novel is an exhausting business, but getting it out into the cold, cruel world is the next big step. Our experts talk about how to get your novel read, who to go to, and what to say. And watch out for rogue contracts!

Canterbury, 2pm - Self-editing Err0rs
Panelists: Lou Antonelli (M), Richard Weber, Julia Mandala
Last year our panelists discussed ways of catching those pesky errors. Now they tell you how to do it again, but with corrective ink.

I don't have anything scheduled later on Saturday because I will be doing a book signing in Waxahachie from 5-7 that night. I will probably overnight in Waxahachie instead of Dallas.

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  1. Looking forward to sharing a panel with you and getting to know you.


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