Friday, February 19, 2010

Antonelli and antibiotics

I don't know why, but more often than not when I travel to a con - or for anything outside of East Texas - I return sick, and Con DFW was no exception. By the time I was back home Sunday evening I was badly congested, and on Monday I slept 14 hours just to be sure I simply wasn't exhausted. I wasn't. My rasping cough got worse and worse and Thursday first thing in the morning I was at the doctor's.

I'm taking my antibiotics now, and I'm slowly recovering. Being sick all week has kept me from posting anything substantive about ConDFW - I hope to get to that later.

I have to travel an hour to Paris tomorrow afternoon for my third book signing. I know at least one of the area papers ran my news release.

Got some nice news today - Young Adult Literature Review, which just started publication, will publish my short story "Scouts' Honor" in its second issue.

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