Sunday, January 10, 2010

First review in for "Fantastic Texas"

The first reader review has been posted at Amazon for "Fantastic Texas" - four stars:

Here's a cut and paste:


By DAVID B. RILEY (Vail, CO USA) - See all my reviews

Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)

Fantastic Texas is a collection of Lou Antonelli's stories linked in some way to his beloved Texas. The stories are an eclectic mix. My favorite is weird western story, "The Silver Dollar Saucer." It's amazing what a silver dollar can buy. Another favorite is "Professor Malakoff's Amazing Ethereal Telegraph."

My main quibbles about the book are that it's fairly thin, only 150 pages. The price seems a little stiff for such a thin paperback. My other gripe is the interior design and layout has a clumsy, almost amateur look to it.

Still, Anotnelli is a rising star in the world of fantastic fiction. The collection of first class stories outweighs any minor gripes I may have about the package that contains them.


I still haven't received my author's copies myself, so I can't address the interior layout issues.

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