Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Got a webcam for Christmas and a Skype account, so we were able to spend Christmas visiting live with the relatives, who are scattered between Austin and Chicago this year. I wonder who else I know has a Skype account?

Got some sad news last night, a couple we knew from when we lived in Cedar Hill, Alan and Pat Wilbourn, were killed in a traffic accident on a West Texas highway. Black ice and an 18-wheeler combined for a fatality wreck. Both Patricia and I knew them, and Pat Wilbourn had the catering service that made the cakes for our wedding in 1999.

They were both good Christians and I'm sure they went straight to Heaven, but it's a shock to us and they left behind three grown children. Just reminds you how fleeting life can be.


  1. Are you sure...i thought her husbands name was Alan, she has done cakes for my family for over 7 yrs and i am supposed to see her on the 29th? Are you sure?


  2. It was in the Dallas Morning News yesterday


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