Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back on line

Things have been difficult the last week. Our DSL box at home died last Wednesday and a new one didn't arrive until yesterday. It took until now to reconnect it. To re-establish the DSL service, we had to log onto our ATT account, and we couldn't. (I pay bills by phone or by mail). I didn't know the password, or our ATT email address - because I never use it - and I couldn't remember the answer to my own security question.

It was rather stunning, but the tech support had no way - they claimed - to help us, and after spending hours on the telephone my wife and I conceded that we would have to cancel our ATT account. The phone service is not an issue - we both have cell phones - but we would have to get internet service another way.

I called ATT to cancel our account, and when they asked why, I told them that I had no choice, but I had no way to access my own account. That got someone to finally take action, and after using another way to confirm my access, the service department got the tech department on the line and we finally got the information we needed to log on.

This all took hours. I would say it was like pulling teeth, but I've never had a tooth extraction take as long or be as painful.

I will try to get caught up all things 'DilloCon in up coming posts.

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