Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Boy, am I sore

Went to the cabin near the lake Monday. It's about 120-130 miles from Mount Pleasant. I can get to Dallas in about the same distance and less time (there's no direct route between here and there).

Really didn't use the chain saw a lot, but it was crucial in hacking through some undergrowth. I accomplished my main goal, which was to clear the forest around the cabin so you can walk around it. This was harder than it sounded. When the two-story structure was moved there, the lot was cleared (which makes no sense to me - why have a cabin in the woods and then chop down the woods? Then again, if the original owners had a brain, they would have paid their taxes and we wouldn't have bought the property at a tax auction).

I want the forest to come back, and on one side, closest to where some pine trees were left standing near the property line, there are some nice trees shooting up. They're taller now than the cabin. They are slowly squeezing out the scrub, which is what I want. Perhaps somewhere down the road I'll think about trimming out the pines, but for now I love them.

As for the cabin itself, and had to re-secure a window that had blown open, but otherwise it was intact. It's hard to work there, there's no utilities - what you call a "hunter's cabin". I suggested to Patricia if we ever install anything, electricity would be the first thing; that way we could have a/c and, more importantly, a refrigerator for food and water.

There's a telephone pole across the street, so I don't think it would be a big deal. Anyway, using the chain saw and pruning shears left me real sore, but I'm on the mend.

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