Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Lullaby of the Blogosphere

You know, back during the Great Depression, when people were scrambling around for ideas on how to solve the economic crisis, there was a slew of political ideas being floated around - socialism, fascism, technocracy, social justice, social credit, and on and on.

Today, there's basically one idea left - socialism - or so it seems. Truth be told, the real story is that there simply isn't that much diversity left in the media, and it reflects a small segment of America's elite, which is statist. Libertarians - heck, even social democrats - aren't getting much air time.

The down side to this is that, if there is any kind of genuine and spontaneous original political movement in the next few years, it will seemingly come out of nowhere because the media wasn't covering it. I'm hearing all sort of rumblings about "tea parties" and the Republic of Texas movement, but nobody is covering it.

Ron Paul's campaign for president last year attracted some attention, but the media elite only reported it when it became impossible to ignore.

Hope this all turns out for the best. Meanwhile, take a look at this screen capture I came up with. It's from 1935 - the depth of the last depression - and no, it isn't a fascist party rally. It's from the "Lullaby of Broadway" dance number by Busby Berkley from "The Golddiggers on 1935".

Kinda subliminal, huh, about what was on people's minds? I wonder what's really on people's minds these days. We'll never know from the major media. I wish I knew myself.

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