Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It is done

The collection is complete and I emailed Ian Strock the word document this evening.

Coincidentally, news about the purchase was posted on sfscope today. Here's the story:


Ian Randal Strock joins Fantastic Books as a freelance acquisitions editor
By Kit Hawkins April 21, 2009

SFScope Editor and Publisher Ian Randal Strock is taking on a new part-time role: he's now an acquiring editor for Wilder Publications' new sf/f imprint Fantastic Books (see this article for more on the imprint). SFScope remains his main focus, but in his extra time, he'll be reading novels and collections for the new imprint.

Strock has already acquired his first book: a reprint collection by Lou Antonelli entitled Fantastic Texas. Contents of the book will include:
Introduction by Howard Waldrop
"A Rocket for the Republic" (originally published in Asimov's Science Fiction, September 2005)
"The Witch of Waxahachie" (Jim Baen's Universe, April 2008)
"The Cast Iron Dybbuk" (Andromeda Spaceways In-flight Magazine, June/July 2005)
"Avatar" (Darker Matter, April 2007)
"Silence is Golden" (Revolution SF, August 2003)
"The Rocket-Powered Cat" (Revolution SF, December 2004
"Rome, If You Want To" (Surprising Stories, May 2004)
"Big Girl" (Ultraverse, May/June 2005)
"The Silver Dollar Saucer" (Ray Gun Revival, January 2009)
"Body by Fisher" (FenCon IV Souvenir Program Book, September 2007)
"Video Killed the Radio Star" (Aphelion, December 2008)
"Professor Malakoff's Amazing Ethereal Telegraph" (Space Western Trails No. 4, March 2009)

Prior to founding SFScope, Strock was the news editor of Science Fiction Chronicle. Before that he was the editor and publisher of Artemis Magazine, and the associate editor of Analog Science Fiction and Fact and Asimov's Science Fiction magazines. He is also a freelance editor, and on the editorial staff of Padwolf Publishing.

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