Saturday, March 14, 2009

M-Brane SF April issue TOC

Mentioning the upcoming issue of M-Brane SF made me think to check the web site. Editor Christopher Fletcher has posted the table of contents for issue three, which will be published April 1:

"Hard Frost" by Rhian Waller
"Business as Usual" by Lou Antonelli
"The Sufferance" by Richard Howard
"See Saw" by Catherine J. Gardner
"End Day" by S.C. Hayden
"Embrace" by T.J. McIntyre
"Time Noir" by Larry Ivkovich
"Tripsy" by Garrett Calcaterra
"Sleepless Sleep" by Bob Brill
"The Barking Death Squirrels" by Douglas A. Van Belle

According to Fletcher, "Those are the stories, and they are exciting. Like last time, there is a great variety of style and subject matter, ranging from off-world adventure to Earth-bound crisis and from comedy to tragedy."

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