Sunday, March 08, 2009

"Henry" shoves off

If hope those of you who followed along with my serialization of "Dance with Me, Henry" enjoyed the story. I got some useful feedback. This was my first stab at a book, and my goal was pretty much to write 100,000 words and see if I could do it and not make your eyes bleed.

For the sake of avoiding over-exposure, I have zapped the chapters from the blog now. It's no longer available here. As I mentioned earlier, I've made a hard copy available via Lulu's POD system (another first for me). I have a few books on the way; I want to see how these look. I will probably continue to tweak the book. In the meantime. I think it may be a useful promotional tool.

With this under my belt, I feel much more focused about approaching another book. (I guess a lot of you went through this when you were, like 14.). Fifty-one is probably late in this genre to write that 'first novel'. Then again, I was writing newspaper stories when I was 14. This fiction writing is a second lifetime.

I may possibly rework some of the stuff in the book into other works. The business with Mier Kahane ready to drop the Big One on the Egyptians over Ashdod, and the later demonstration of the bomb in the Negev, has the makings of a solid novelette or novella, IMHO.

As for my next work, I would suspect it would be an expansion from "The Witch of Waxahachie" - surprise, surprise - but who knows?

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