Thursday, February 26, 2009

More from ConDFW

I got the impression that moving the con this year (for the first time from its original location) produced the highest attendance ever. Dan Robb confirmed this Saturday night, if I recall the conversation correctly. Leaving the Dallas North Radisson leaves me feeling like the protagonist in "They're Tearing Down Tim Reilly's Bar"* - since that is where I attended my first con, six years ago. But it sure seems to have worked for the con.

In addition to the aforementioned people, I visited a little with Ed Dravecky from Fencon and Kurt Baty from Armadillocon. It was good to see my friend Keith West again, although we didn't have enough time together.

In was surprised to learn while at the Babbage Patch Kids confab Saturday night that absinthe is legal in the U.S. I didn't know it had been taken off the list of prohibited imports. That party had some rousing entertainment by Queen Anne's Lace, who made up in panache what they lacked in rehearsal. Everyone had a good time. In fact, all the suites Saturday night seemed to do well. Tom Knowles and his Lone Star Publishing Party had a very good turnout. I also stopped in the ArmadilloCon suite, but they were having a jelly bean tasting party - which really didn't do much for me and my diabetes. I wonder if it was meant as a tribute to Ronnie Reagan (that's sarcasm, there)

I spent a little time that night also at the suite for SoonerCon. I look forward to attending in June.

*Broadcast on Night Gallery in 1971. Rod Serling said it was one of the two televison programs he would mst want to be remembered for (the other was "Requiem for a Heavyweight")

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