Saturday, February 28, 2009

More friends at ConDFW

P.N. Elrod and I weren't on any panels together, but we had a nice visit during her time at the signing table. She apparently thinks my (true) story about the time my Italian mother and my German Shepherd got into an argument in the kitchen (neither one speaking English) is the funniest gag in the world (I originally recounted the anecdote during FenCon in 2007).
On the other hand, Bill Crider claims a joke I told in the 'DilloCon suite is the worst joke in the world. They're probably both right.
I was happy to be on the panel about Selling Yourself for Fun and Profit with Lee Martindale Friday. We also both helped with the Buzz Blaster radio play Saturday night. Lee is a real pro and one of those people whose opinions I've come to value, because she is scrupulously honest and doesn't beat around the bush.
The Buzz Blaster radio play, put together by David Gray and Mary Gearheart-Gray, was lots of fun.
One last comment about ConDFW -looks like somebody went to sleep and allowed their domain name to lapse. is now taken up by a placeholder. I went to fact check while preparing this post.

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