Saturday, January 10, 2009

Soonercon 2009

I've set my second con for the year. I received, and have proudly accepted, an invite to be a guest at Soonercon 2009 in Oklahoma City June 5-7.

I've never gone to Soonercon. I planned to three years ago, and then auto troubles made my drop out at the last minute. I'm very impressed with the line-up of guests for this year, and I plan to be there, barring hell and high water.

The Guest of Honor will be Eric Flint; Artist Guest of Honor is Brad Foster; Toastmaster is Selina Rosen.

Also attending will be Aelle Ables, Bill Allen, Gary Babb, Julie Barrett, Rick Boatright, Peter Bradley, David A. Cherry, Kimber Chessmore, Tim Chessmore, Deborah Chester, Rosemary Clement-Moore, R. Cat Conrad, Brad Denton, Linda Donahue, Bill Eakin, Rhonda Eudaly, Melanie Fletcher, Paula Goodlett, Talia Gryphon, Beverly A. Hale, W. J. Hodgson, Dirk Hooper, Kevin Hopkins, Gorg Huff, K. Hutson-Price, Julie Kenner, K E Kimbriel, Bill Ledbetter, Julia Mandala, Lee Martinez, Jeff Provine, Oscar Ray, Shiron Ray, Susan Satterfield, Brad Sinor, Sue Sinor, David Thayer, Jeff Turner, Kathi Turski, Laura Underwood, Alain Viesca, Dayton Ward, Steve Wedel, K D Wentworth, Craig Wolf, Mario Wytch, and Brian Young.

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