Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hackers kill ezine

A quarterly webzine, Sepentarius, which paid five cents a word, met its demise recently for what is probably the worst of all reasons - hacking. The word went out via Ralan as well as the SFWA newsletter. Here is the word as posted on their own web site:


We were hacked again, and were used as a malware distribution point. We were locked out until today. We still DO NOT have access to email. Our benefactor has pulled the plug.
We tried our best to give pro pay genre writers a chance to get published. Apparently hackers feel we shouldn't. That's it, we are through.
For the five authors who have received payments for the September issue, enjoy the bonus. You are free to submit your excellent stories elsewhere. I will follow up with a release of contract.
If you know some teen named Ghost51, tell him thanks for ruining things.
We will be removing this website at the end of September.


I mean, that really stinks.

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