Sunday, September 21, 2008

Back to the keyboard

I haven't posted this week because I got caught up in writing my first short story since I finished my book ("Dance with me, Henry"). It's set in the same world as "The Witch of Waxahachie". The first sequel out of the gate, "Holley with an E", takes the alternate history version of Buddy Holly and brings him to center stage as the President of the Republic of Texas. In the process of trimming that story down at the request of the publication which now has it, I took out an introduction to the President's daughter, Raevon Holley. The story I'm working n now, "Rock 'n Roll's Daughter", takes Raevon Holley and brings her to center stage.

BTW, "Dance with me, Henry" has nothing to do with these "Waxahachie" series stories. Although the Waxahachie stories may be strung together eventually into a book - and indeed, a criticism I heard more than once about "The Witch of Waxahachie" was that it seemed like a book excerpt - the series hasn't accumulated yet enough to make it to book length.

"Dance" on the other hand, came together in one big outline, and isn't related to anything else I ever wrote. It clocked in at just over 102,000 words.

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