Wednesday, July 02, 2008

"The Ones to Watch" redux

The second annual installment of "The Ones to Watch" has been posted in the July issue of the Internet Review of Science Fiction. It's been mixed year for the original quintet. Pat Rothfuss hit pay dirt as his debut novel went gangbusters. On the other hand, Shawn Scarber dropped out of sight, and so the original group has been trimmed down to four.

Here is the intro:

"The Ones to Watch, Part II - And Then There Were Only Four
by Dotar Sojat

"In April 2007 IROSF started a bold experiment—to conduct an ongoing cycle of interviews with a group of tenacious, Janey-on-the-Brink writers. These five have had various levels of success and have various definitions of success.

"Time is relentless and while we started with five, we're down to only four now. Shawn Scarber's whereabouts remain unknown as of the publication of this second round of interviews. Emails are bounced back. Livejournal account—gone! Personal web page—Page Not Found! With any luck he didn't end up dead in a ditch somewhere in the pitiless state of Texas.

"It's time to check in with our four remaining writers and see where they are 12 months later. Time to see if they are crowing about success, or eating crow, and with Shawn's leaving the game, to reflect on the difficulties of the long-haul of trying to "make it" as a writer:"

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