Friday, June 06, 2008

Charlie Jade

I caught the first episode of a syndicated series picked up by the Sci-Fi channel tonight, "Charlie Jade". I was tipped off to its existence by the most recent issue of SFCrowsnet. Like most serious SF-type people, I would normally rather watch anything than the sci-Fi channel, but I gave "Jade" a shot. It was interesting. If you need some background, here's the page entry on wikipedia:

As someone who studied South African history in college (which knowledge later helped my when I wrote "The Amerikaan Way"), I find the setting in Cape Town (or Cape City, deending what universe you're talking about) fascinating.

It's a cyberpunk update of the hard-boiled private-eye story, which opens it up to fans of crime stories. My wife watched it with me.

Although the multi-verse switching gets confusing at times, I was hooked and I certainly will come back next Friday to see what happens next.

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