Tuesday, June 03, 2008


The June issue of IROSF (Internet Review of Science Fiction) has a buncha short fiction reviewd by Lois Tilton, including the April Baen's:

"It occurs to me that it takes only a couple really fine stories to make an entire issue of a zine memorable. This one, unfortunately, is lacking them. A couple of detective stories are entertaining, but they don't provide enough lift to get the entire issue off the ground."

Oh, well, after reading that for a start, I hardly had my hopes up. She went on when she came to my story:

"A sort of tall interdimensional tale that begins when the government cancels the superconducting supercollider project in Texas. It sits empty for a while until a mad scientist called (of course) Doc shows up with the notion of firing the collider up again to create a rift in the fourth dimension. This requires the collusion of several locals, including the newspaper editor, our narrator, a sheriff's deputy and his drug-sniffing dog, Sergeant Lucy.

"A bright blue glowing wave roiled like the apocalypse at us back up the injection tunnel.
I just had time to blurt "Oh, sh…!" before it hit us, and everything went black.

"The experimenters find themselves in an alternate universe that includes doubles of some of them, a universe where magic was developed and technology was not. Fortunately, the local sorceress uses a Truth spell to confirm their story and let them out of jail.

"The magic/technology premise is pretty hoary, but the local Texas color freshens up the entertainment value a tad."

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  1. Lou, Lois is a poopey head and I wouldn't take anything she says seriously.

    Hell, she said my story was "emotionally manipulative." WTF? Ain't that our job as writers?

    Kills me.

    Northtown, Missouri


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