Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Jim Baen's Universe

I need to take moment here to tout ALL the stories in the current edition of JBU. It's a great line-up, as usual:

Table of Contents, Jim Baen's Universe, April 2008

Science Fiction Stories:

Manumission by Tobias S. Buckell

Virtually, A Cat by Jody Lynn Nye

Indomitable by Jack McDevitt

Honorable Enemies: A Jake Masters Mystery by Mike Resnick

Fantasy Stories:

Scraps of Fog by Sarah A. Hoyt

The Witch of Waxahachie by Lou Antonelli

Knight of Coins by Margaret Ronald


Countdown to Armageddon, Episode Four by Edward M. Lerner

Fish Story, Episode Twelve by Eric Flint, Dave Freer and Andrew Dennis


Becoming Stewards of Our World: The Great Theme of the 21st Century, Part Two, Editing the Sun: A Way Out Way Out by Gregory Benford

Earth's Next Schism by Stephen Euin Cobb

Introducing Stories:

Red Tape and Cold Iron, or A Proposal for the Reintroduction of the Faery Folk to the United Kingdom by Lucy Bond

Extreme Reservations by R. J. Ortega


Born of the Sun by Jack Williamson


Attending Worldcon by Mike Resnick

A Matter of Symbiosis by Eric Flint

The Matrix and the Star Maker by Mike Resnick

The Toy Shop by Barry N. Malzberg

April 2008, What's New in The Future And You by Stephen Euin Cobb

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