Thursday, March 13, 2008

Carrying Free Trade too far

Well, I think my redesign on the blog has worked out. Locus on-line was nice enough to put it up as a blink on Wednesday. Since I used my most recent post to spread more information about "World Enough and Time", I think the effort was well worth it. However, you have to change your blog fairly often or people get bored, so I guess I need to keep posting.
Well, here's the story for today: A few months ago, my wife received some wall hangings for our new home she had ordered on-line. When I collected up the trash, I saw this label on both of the decorations.
I guess there is some free trade agreement that requires you to state the origin of your export - and the label is literally true - but it sure struck me as funny. Maybe in a few hundred years such a label will not be worthy of comment.
Maybe I've just screwed up some future historian's research on interstellar trading pattern: "That's ridiculous, Tralfaz! Earth was not exporting anything in the 21st century!"

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