Friday, January 18, 2008

Some nice words

Not much writing accomplished this week - I'm more like a retrenchment phase after getting through the begining of the book - but I have a couple days off coming up and espect to hit the keyboard hard again.

On Monday, Rich Horton, in his blog The Elephant Forgets, wrote up (along with his many other compendiums) some comments about a few online fiction sources during 2007, and he was nice enough to mention Sentinel SF:

"Sentinel SF is a project of Lou Antonelli. Like Spacesuits and Sixguns, they had webhosting problems, and the archive is gone, and it's not clear whether the site will return. But in 2007 I saw some 13 stories, all short, 6 short-shorts, about 22,000 words total. There was some quite interesting work from Antonelli himself, and from Howard Waldrop, Jay Lake, and Steven Utley. (One notices a distinct Texan flavor there!) 2 of 13 stories (I believe) were by women, and most of the stories, as I recall, were SF -- perhaps 10?"

Rich also went over Planetay stories, and said he felt "Fermi's Fraternity" was of the two best stories he saw. Thanks, Rich!

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