Saturday, December 29, 2007

I was 22 years old in 1979..

Most people think of the music of their youth as being the music from when they were in high school.

Not me. I graduated in 1975. The mid-70s were a slough between the Beatles Era and the New Wave. I mean, come on, how else could disco have taken root?

Anyone younger than me probably doesn't realizes just how totally dominating the Beatles were in music during their time together. The result was that when they broke up, it took years for any decent music to arise again.

John Denver was a nice guy, but his songs! Remember "Sunshine"?

Back in 1979, I was slouching down the street in New York City when I heard this playing on a car stereo. I almost fell to my knees - "Oh dear God, mucic THAT I LIKE!"

Something new was in the wind.

So the music of my youth was the New Wave. Blondie, Split Enz. The Hooters. OMD. The Cars. The Ramones. Stuff like that.

Which is strange because that was when I was in the my late 20s. Late bloomer, I guess.

Recently I found this video on YouTube. It's self explanatory - and great. Enjoy.

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