Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Demise of Sentinel S-F

It lasted just over a month, but the latest version of Sentinel S-F is gone. But first...

I haven't posted since Dec. 6. As is so common in schools and businesses, winter colds have been rampaging through my office. I held up for a good while, but on December 8 I was so feverish that I actually had to go to sleep with a fan blowing on my head.

Between battling my own cold and dealing with the staffing issues created by other people's absences - not to mention the normal holiday-related special projects - I haven't any time to write (or post) recently.

Around the middle of the month I went through the effort to read through the Sentinel S-F slush pile and pick a couple of stories. Then I found I couldn't cut and paste text into my web pages using the web page editor offered by my host, Hypermart, so I couldn't publish the stories.

I tried for over ten days to resolve the issue with Hypermart, but apparently their web editor sucks. Since I don't know how to create and upload web pages on my own, I had relied on the web editor.

The upshot is I cancelled my account and am waiting for a refund (I paid for a year in advance) So away goes the latest version of Sentinel S-F, which was on the web just over a month.

So it goes.

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