Saturday, July 28, 2007

More on Conestoga

OK, here's more on Conestoga.

Needless to say, with the demands of my job, I couldn't take Friday off. I left home Friday evening and reached the hotel at midnight. It still was plenty of time for my first panel Saturday, which I described in the previous post.

That evening there was a "wake" in the hotel bar in memory of Jim Baen. Paula Goodlett was nice enough to introduce me and mention the story that Baen's had bought, to the proverbial loud huzzahs. As the tumult died down, someone said "You need to write a sequel called 'The Nuns of Nacogdoches'!

Eric Flint turned around and said, "I'm NOT buying that!!!"

I fell back in my chair. "Oh, God, Joe Lansdale would kill my ass!"

Flint and friends had a 1632 mini-con within the larger con, and later that night they sent out for pizza, which is where I snarfed dinner. When I'm out of town on my own I will eat types of food that my wife doesn't like, which is why lunch Saturday was Chinese and pepperoni pizza that night.

I visited the FenCon and ConDFW suites that night. Both were serving up Shiner Beer, which was appreciated. FenCon is publishing my story "Body by Fisher" in its sounvenir program book.

OK, today's video is in honor of "The Witch of Waxahachie":

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