Saturday, March 31, 2007

More on AggieCon, and another publication

Although I've known and corresponded with Joe Lansdale for a few years now, and have met him a few times at cons, AggieCon was the first time we were ever on panels together.

In fact, we were on two panels back to back Saturday morning. The first, mentioned in my last post, was on Book Collecting at 10 a.m. My next panel of the day was "Pimp Your Book". It was originally slated for 3 p.m., but was moved to 11:15, so it came right afterwards.

In this case, Joe was little off center, because he is so successful and well-read that his experience isn't typical. He doesn't have to tout his own publications because he has an agent and publisher who do that for him. He doesn't have to schedule book signings because he has publishers who will send him off on book tours.

Beverly Hale and Jayme Blaschke were also on this panel, and we, on the other hand, have more in common, and could talk about blogs web pages and such. We talked about how to make contacts on the internet. Beverly and I both have been known to send out old-fashioned news releases. Jayme is a little more familiar with podcasts.

Theresa Patterson also addressed a lot of the same topics, although since she does a lot of collaboration and ghost writing the particulars are different.

After the panel it was lunch time. Jayme was nice enough to treat me to a burrito place I had never heard of, Freebirds. Their large is the size of an artillery shell. We sat on the patio, bullshat and enjoyed the good weather.

I'll go over more from AggieCon in the next post. Meanwhile, I received word that Darker Matter has its April edition on-line. It includes my short story "Avatar", a little piece of strangeness that combines alternative with secrrt history.

With "The Amerikaan Way" at Atomjack, that's two stores in two weeks. So far, 2007 is turning out good.

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