Saturday, March 10, 2007

Another sale

The new ezine Darker Matter has bought my short story "Avatar" and will publish it in its second issue, which comes out in April. The first issue this month features short stories by David D. Levine, Edward M. Lerner, Bud Sparhawk, Duncan Long, and Ken Brady.
I found out about Darker Matter through a link on Locus on-line. Needless to say, I was impressed by the line-up. The editor, Ben Coppin, seems to off to a great start.
Although Twisted Tongue in the U.K. has already accepted three of my stories for 2007, its next issue in in May, so it looks like Darker Matter will be my first publication for 2007 (notwithstanding, of course, the stories I have published myself at Sentinel S-F)
I got an email rejection this morning from Neo-Opsis for a story I submitted to them in January 2005. Wow! I workshopped that story at a Turkey City in March 2005 and it was published by OG Speculative Fiction as "Berserker" last September.
Back to ConDFW: On Saturday, I had one panel, the Writers of the Future Panel with Linda Donahue, Amy Sisson and K.D. Wentworth. Sissons was the moderator, but Wentworth really led things, since she is the lead editor for the writing side of he contest. She brought a video which she showed on her laptop about WOTF. It was very informative.
I submitted a couple of time when I first began writing four years ago, but quit - mainly after they lost one of my submissions for a year, but I've started again, mostly on the basis of what Wentworth has said at some previous cons. I will keep after it. Under their guidelines, I'm still eligible to compete, since I haven't had three pro sales.
This was the only panel I had at the con that I didn't moderate, which turned out to be a piece of luck. I had some stuff for Harry Turtledove to sign, but both his signings, on Saturday and Sunday, were at the same times as my panels. Since I didn't moderate the WOTF panel, I cut out for a few minutes and stepped outside to get my stuff signed.

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