Sunday, February 18, 2007

Publications for 2006

I notice that some authors about this time of year make a note on their blogs of what they had published the previous year, because of the impending deadline for Hugo nominations. I didn't have any publications in what would be considered first-rank mags during 2006, but for the record, this is what I had in 2006:

"The Dragon's Black Box" Bewildering Stories, Feb. 2006.
"A Djinn for General Houston" Surprising Stories, May 2006.
"The Runner at Dawn" - Worlds of Wonder, July 2006.
"Wish List" - Revolution Science Fiction, August 2006.
"Berserker" - OG Speculative Fiction, September 2006.
"Good Old Gal" - Nova Science Fiction No. 18 (October 2006).
"Eva" - Neometropolis, December 2006 (with Ed Morris).

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