Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cyberpunk web magazine?

Recently heard from Ed Morris, my collaborating pal in Portland, that our first project together has been accepted by a cyberpunk web magazine called Neometropolis and should be published later this month. It's an alternate history story that delves into (what else?) the Third Reich, called "Eva". We combined forces on this back in March, I think. Actually, the story is attributed as "by Ed Morris (with Lou Antonelli)". I had the idea and the outline, but when we started, some personal deadlines interposed and kept me from working on it, so Ed actually did the heavy lifting and wrote the story up.
I probably would never have written anything that could be a good fit for a cyberpunk web magazine, but I understand from the way Ed wrote it up why they took it.
I am continuing the treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome, and it does seem to be working. The sharp pains and subsiding but I'm not going to let up for a long time. I did not enjoy the pain I had towards the end of last week.

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