Saturday, December 30, 2006

Ahh, domesticity

Last night was the first Friday night I have spent at home IN THREE AND A HALF MONTHS!
Starting in August, I had to spend every Friday night covering football (remember those Friday Night Lights). Then I volunteered to play Santa Claus for the local Chamber of Commerce at the city park every Friday and Saturday night in December.
Because the local football team made a decent playoff run, the two commitments ran into each other, so I haven't had a free Friday night since August.
Ahh, it was so nice to stay at home, listen to the rain howl, and watch the boob tube with the wife.
Things are also looking up on the job. With the end of the holiday season the extra advertising that had increased the newshole I've had to fill should be ending, plus a new typesetter should be starting on the job Tuesday (I've only had a person in that job maybe two weeks since the end of October).
Well, here's a blast from the past that always puts me in a good mood. This is probably the live performance by any group that I like the best: Cheap Trick's version of "I Want You to Want Me" from their performance in Budokan in Japan in about 1979. Lord, it seems to so long ago.

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