Sunday, November 19, 2006

Automotive disaster

Well, the bane of the poor Americans' existence - car trouble - has struck. Friday night I was driving 50 miles to cover a football playoff game when 43 miles away (in other words, almost there) the truck conked out. I saw the engine was overheating badly and I was just able to pull into a convenience store/gas station before the engine died. I found the radiator completely empty. I put two gallons of coolant in there. The engine still cranked, but it seemed to put out steam. What I think happened in that the thermostat hung up and let all the coolant boil off, and then the engine overheated - and cracked. The crankcase is full of a water and oil mixture, so the coolant must be draining into one of the cylinders now. I think this is what's called a cracked head. (The engine actually still turns over fine, but makes a loud clacking sound).

Patricia came and retrieved me and I got back home about 10 p.m. Friday night. Yesterday (Saturday) I was lucky enough to find a local tow truck operator who hauled the Ford back to Hooks for only $80. Considering it was 43 miles and two counties away, that was a pretty good price.

Now I have to go about trying to narrow the problem down and getting it fixed as cheaply as possible.

Thankfully, Patricia is out of school for the Thanksgiving Break - and only has one week f school after that - so I think we can manage with one car for a while. I have to take care of all this while battling a cold - I stayed home Wednesday on s sick day to nurse myself, and it seems to have helped, but this thing may linger for weeks.

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