Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Rocket "shows"

The child bride and I spent a pleasant Saturday visiting the most historic house in Texarkana. It's called the "Ace of Clubs House" because that's what it looks like from above. It had a central staircase with three octagonal rooms and one rectangular room on two stories. It has a nice cupola above the staircase which provided ventilation in those pre-air conditioning days (the house was built in 1884).

We took the tour and also did some shopping. I suggested we do something special because next weekend I will be out of town at Conestoga; the weekend after that we are hosting a Sunday school social on Saturday; the weekend after that is Armadillocon in Austin and I will be away again; the weekend after that is when the local civic festival where I work is held, called Pioneer Days, and I will be quite busy.

When we came home, I checked the mail and found my September issue of Asimov's. I remembered that Sheila Williams had previously said she would be printing the results if the 2006 Readers Awards in that issue, so I flipped it open to see "A Rocket for the Republic" has some in third in the short story category. It's nice to see how well it "showed" up.

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