Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Another sale!

Got good news today. Seth Crossman, the publisher of a new outfit called OG Speculative Fiction, has accepted my story "Berserker". The magazine debuted July 15. Ahmed A. Khan, who is a frequent poster at the Asimov's discussion board, had mentioned that he had a story in the first issue and recommended we check it out. I did, and thought it looked like a nice startup, so I shot them the story. Crossman said he liked it and will publish it in the second issue.
This was the first story I ever took to a Turkey City, in the spring of 2005. I think it was called "Why I Came to California" then. Interestingly enough, it's a monologue (like "A Rocket for the Republic") although its set in the near future.
This will be my 26th story since June 2003. OG will be my 13th venue. It's also a sale; I will get a check for this.
I hope this helps and encourages both other writers and the magazine itself. OG stands for "Opinion Guy" - that's the name of the web site - and apparently is a wing of a larger outfit.
They're certainly off to a good start, in my opinion.

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